Coming August 11, 2009

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Too many topics, too little time

Here are a couple of things that have been floating across my brain that I’d like to talk about and at least could partially help lead a discussion about:

  • Using Drupal as a CMS. I use Drupal pretty heavily; my primary interest these days is building it out as a digital library platform and using to build an integrated archival description and access system.
  • The Semantic Web for archivists/humanists. I’ve been doing a lot of presentations on this lately, and I’ll be giving a talk on this with a slightly narrower scope during the EAD Roundtable at SAA (“Linked Data and Archival Description”).
  • Document oriented databases and their applications in archives and digital humanities. This includes things like CouchDB and MongoDB.
  • Why archives are conceptually different from x. In doing a lot of work with data modeling for archival projects I’ve come across some thorny issues with the nature of archival practice. Some of these are not newly recognized; in fact, some were understood even 20-25 years ago. I’d like to try to start finally hashing these out – a few papers are sure to be in the works.