Coming August 11, 2009

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Email is Dead! Get Over it!

Here’s my half (or three-quarter) baked rant:

Tired of hearing yet another presentation on how to parse the SMTP header to preserve email? Don’t bother! Archivists and digital preservationists dealing with email need to realize that the email model as it has been traditionally deployed by institutions is dead. If nothing else, email is moving to the cloud. That shift creates a wholly different set of implications and challenges for archivists. But the larger issue is the shifting demographics of email users. While this rant is aimed at email, it can also be applied to almost any emerging technology as I feel a more than fair share of our professional archival colleagues aren’t really ready for the electronic records challenges of the 21st century.

I want to discuss these challenges and issues (to see if I’m not completely nuts)  and brainstorm solutions.

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