Coming August 11, 2009

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De-Babelizing (Digital) Archives

Here at the Hoover Institution Archives,  I work closely with culturally rich materials and serve both a local and international community of researchers.  I would love to engage in dialogue about the representation of linguistically diverse historical content in the digital environment.   What tools have been developed and adopted by the global digital archives community?  Which institutions produce bilingual finding aids?  I’d like to explore the use of intelligent character recognition systems in the transcription of digital manuscript and the search/display of CJK, Cyrillic and Khmer text.   (For example, Taiwan’s National Digital Archives Program & the Digital Archive Architecture Lab have the 缺字系統 or “Missing Unencoded Chinese Characters API.”)

Other prospective al dente discussion topics that I’d like to toss around:

  • Mobile devices and handheld technologies in archives (i.e., iPhone apps, QR codes, etc.)
  • Using DRUPAL as a digital asset management system and content discovery tool
  • Hyper localization as grassroots outreach to community-based archives
  • Timeline tools

Please forgive my fragmented thoughts — I seem to have more questions than answers.  Look forward to meeting fellow campers!