Coming August 11, 2009

Hack Fest/Bonus Sessions

THATCamp Austin is officially over at 10:00 PM on Tuesday night, but you don’t have to go home right then. While some campers will be heading to the Dog and Duck Pub for a libation and others will start their trek to the SAA hotel, any souls brave enough are welcome to hang around Mezes Hall for the Hack Fest and Bonus Sessions.

We’ll all be kicked out of the auditorium at 10, but we can keep going in the three classrooms until Peter starts to yawn.  I suggest that we hold a hack fest in the larger room and put bonus sessions in the two others.  For the hack fest, bring a problem you’re trying to solve:  I’ll bet that we’ll have some software gurus to help out on technical problems, and I hope that we’ll have folks willing to help out with purely humanistic problems.  (I’ve got a problem that’s probably fairly basic for an archivist, so this may be a selfish wish.)  The bonus sessions can be anything we didn’t have time for in the two main slots — perhaps you didn’t get to discuss a topic, or spent your DorkShorts demo fighting with laptop dongles.  Maybe there was a great topic you’d like to revisit.  We could put sign-up sheets outside the doors at 10, letting people organize then.

These are just half-baked ideas for what to do with the space while we have it, not a schedule or a program.  What do you think?

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