Coming August 11, 2009

Open Thread

Please use this thread as an initial resource to discuss THATCamp Austin planning or to pose any questions about applications or any other concerns you may have. All comments are welcomed.

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in August 3rd, 2009 @ 12:14

okay, since I read the Unconference definition, I am on much firmer understanding- I was/am an UNschooled parent.
I have an idea rattling around in my head for a wiki/blog/thing of CURRENT practitioners int he humanities- a union dictionary, if that does not cross breed too many glossaries.
Collaborators? Detractors? ( they have always taught me a lot) Others?



in August 5th, 2009 @ 10:42

Visualizing electronic records collections

During THATCamp Weijia Xu and I will demo two interactive visualizations to show characteristics/contents/relationships/provenance of electronic records collections. We are seeking to listen from the participants whether these representations allow them to “make sense” of collections, to understand their structure, identify parts and stories, plan for their storage and preservation, etc. Moreover, we want to listen to their ideas and what they may discover that we have not. We are interested in the development of visual literacy and to find useful metaphors to represent the myriad aspects of content, structure and context of collections.