Coming August 11, 2009


Half of the fun of an unconference is in watching and participating in the backchannel discussion.  While we don’t have a back-back-channel like some conferences, we’re off to a pretty good start with these:

  • Twitter: We’ll be using the hashtag #thatcamp to identify our tweets and scour the net for other folks who like to weigh in.  Those tweets will be archived at Twapper Keeper.
  • Wiki: The THATCamp wiki is ready to go.  Put your links, your notes, your photos, and anything else you can think of in it.  The THATCamp09 page provides a good example.
  • IRC: There is a #thatcamp channel on  ChatZilla and Pidgin are both decent IRC clients.  Type /j #thatcamp at the prompt once you’re in.

We haven’t made any plans for A/V recording, but if you’ve got equipment to set up, you’re welcome to bring it.